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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something that is giving you some problems? Check our FAQs!
4. Do you have a Black Screen?
         If your screen is 'Black' or 'blank', make sure you have it plugged in to an active power source and that it is turned on. Next, check to make sure it is attached to the proper plug going from your PC to the screen. If it is still not working, then make sure your mouse and keyboard are plugged in (if wireless make sure it has charge) and then tap/click to see if the screen comes back on. If it does not come back on contact us immediatly for assistance. If it comes back on following all or any of these steps, congrats!

5. Is your PC running slow?

          If it is taking a very long time to load and or use applications, then perhaps your issue is that you have too many applications running at the same time. There may also be applications that run without your input that might be able to be safely removed or prevented from starting up. To uninstall a program (Windows Vista - 10) you need to get into "Control Panel". For Windows 7/vista you need to click the Windows button and select "Control Panel". For Windows 8 and 10  use the Windows Key + X to open a menu on the left bottom and select "Control Panel". Then select "Programs and Features". When you do that, look at each program carefuly and only "uninstall" the one(s) that you know about. CAUTION: DO NOT JUST UNINSTALL EVERYTHING OR PROGRAMS YOU DO NOT KNOW AS IT CAN DESTROY YOUR PC! (We are not liable for your actions)

6. What is my IP address?

         You can use your keyboard to find your IP address. Press and hold the windows key while pressing the R key. Type "CMD". The command prompt will come on the screen (See image to the left). Type IPConfig. Your IP will be listed as IPv4 address. 

7. What is Teamviewer, and how do I download it?

        Teamvieweris a popular piece of software used for Internet-based remote access and support. This is what we use to help you with your computer. You can download it here

8. What is a Pop-up?

      Pop-up ads or pop-ups are often forms of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses. Do not click on the Pop-ups!

9. What is a virus?

    A computer virus is a type of malicious code or program written to alter the way a computer operates and that is designed to spread from one computer to another. 

10. How do I secure my PC from a hacker?

  To help keep hackers from accessing your computer enable your firewall. Using your keyboard, press and hold the windows key while pressing the R key. Type "control". Click on Systems and Security, although windows firewall may already have an icon deppending on the version of windows you are running. Turn on or enable windows firewall.

11. Why does my computer not turn on?

    Check to see if your computer is plugged into a powersource. If it is plugged into a power strip, check and make sure the switch is in the on position. Turn on the monitor.
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